Peru - DECA

COFFEE SELECTION : BIOCO in collaboration with EFICO


The Coffee

Variety : Typica, Bourbon and Caturra
Washed (100%)

Cup Profile

The coffees of Peru are appreciated for their soft and pleasant pallet as well as their delicate acidity.


Taste Profile

  • Region : northeastern region of Peru, department Cajamarca, Cooperative Sol & Café is located in 2 provinces : Jaén and San Ignacio
  • Altitude : 900 till 2,050 meters
  • Soil Type : the soils are of balanced texture, containing a good rate of organic matter
  • Type of shade trees : Ingas, Cushin and Shalun
  • Rainfalls in mm/year : 2,000
  • Average annual temperature : 22.5°C

The Process

Green coffee beans are dipped in water.  They swell slightly to enable the  scCO2 to penetrate the bean. ScCO2 or critical CO2 is no more or less than ordinary CO2 at high temperature and pressure. Once the critical point is reached, the properties of CO2 change and it becomes a suitable extraction solvent (or solvent for caffeine).

ScCO2 is, in a high pressure vessel, blown through the soaked green beans. The gas that is increasingly becoming rich in caffeine is, in a second sstage and under normal pressure, sent through water. The caffeine is absorbed by the water. As a result, the CO2 becomes free of caffeine and will, under very high pressure, be sent back to the vessel with coffee beans. The circle is round. This stage is repeated, up to 10 hours long.

In a second step (also second reservoir) the caffeine is withdrawn from  the water by a reverse osmosis process. By doing this, one obtains pure caffeine on the one hand and recycled water on the other hand. It goes without saying that here too, the circle is closed so that no water is wasted.


BIOCO goes to the extremes to supply a superb organic line by pulling at all levels. It would be a great pity if all efforts to get an environmentally pure coffee bean would be destroid by all kinds of chemical products in order to get a decaffeinated coffee bean. Any kind of toxic substances is absolutely banned within the entire production process, and this at any price. That, in addition, we get the taste almost untouched, can only be welcomed with great enthusiasm. The supercritical CO2 method, which is realized under very high pressure, removes up to 99% of the caffeine from the green bean, without leaving any residue of dissolvent in the bean. CO2 is a gas that is fully available in our atmosphere.