Peru - Washed Organic

COFFEE SELECTION : BIOCO in collaboration with EFICO


The Coffee

Variety : Typica, Bourbon and Caturra
Washed (100%)

Cup Profile

The coffees of Peru are appreciated
for their soft and pleasant pallet
as well as their delicate acidity.


Taste Profile

  • Region : northeastern region of Peru, department Cajamarca, Cooperative Sol & Café is located in 2 provinces : Jaén and San Ignacio
  • Altitude : 900 till 2,050 meters
  • Soil Type : the soils are of balanced texture, containing a good rate of organic matter
  • Type of shade trees : Ingas, Cushin and Shalun
  • Rainfalls in mm/year : 2,000
  • Average annual temperature : 22.5°C

The Process

The objective is to obtain a washed quality coffee which preserves the physical and organoleptical characteristics of the grain, thanks to a selective harvest and a correct treatment of the cherries (depulpage, fermentation, washing and drying). The coffee is depulped at the same day of harvest, then fermented, and washed with clean water after

12 hours. Coffee drying is carried out in trays in a protected solar tent. Cooperative Sol & Café strives for the conservation of the environment by using coffee pulp for compost and

management of residual waters to avoid the pollution of water and soil

The Cooperative

Cooperative Sol & Café is a first-degree cooperative established in 2008, grouping 995 members-producers in 59 social bases, which have voluntarily joined to meet their needs and aspirations through an organization jointly owned and democratically controlled. Gender equity is also strived for.

The Cooperative’s objective is to contribute to the development of social activities, prioritizing family and community, the implementation of agricultural activities, acting with social responsibility, preserving the environment and a new vision for sustainable development.


The demand for Peruvian Organic and Fairtrade coffees keeps on rising. In Peru, there are 125,000 Peruvian families involved in coffee production. Indirectly, the whole sector provides jobs for about 1 million people.

Cooperative Sol & Café has the following certifications: Organic, FairTrade and Rainforest Alliance.

In 2012, the Cooperative obtained a first place in the National Contest of Quality Coffees and a ninth place in the International Competition.