Organo - balanced blend



The Coffee

carefully selected mixture of extremely fine
Arabica from Central and South America
including Mexico and Peru,
subtle fragrant, and mild cup,
smooth and very balanced taste,
bittersweet and acidity in perfect harmony.

Cup Profile

soft and pleasant palette
with an extremely delicate acidity.
and pronounced balanced body


Taste Profile

A subtle composition especially created for the real Bio coffee lover.

This blend consists of carefully selected, 100% organic, Arabica beans of superior quality.

Due to the soft roasting, the aromas of this coffeeare fully appreciated. Thanks to its unique packaging those aromas are also preserved as good as possible. An asset that you will surely appreciate.

A cup of coffee, prepared with love, that you will enjoy with pleasure as well in the morning as later during the day.

A BIOCO packaging is also wonderful in addition to your espresso machine on the kitchen cabinet!

The Process

After roasting, the coffee beans are air cooled, as we don't want to use water in this process. This will keep the moisture percentage extremely low, which results in a much better coffee! And the story doesn't end yet. It is very important that the beans, after cooling, are exposed as little as possible, to oxygen. That's why we bring our beans, immediately after cooling, in a degassing-system that is hermetically closed from air. After some 5 days of relaxation in this environment , we obtain the intense and wonderful taste of artisan coffee.

Then the beans are air tight wrapped in a environmentally friendly packaging. We pack airtight but not vacuum, as during vacuum pulling a lot of aromas and flavours would be extracted from the coffee, and that would be really a shame! The airtight BIOCO cans provide ideal storage conditions. At home you keep your coffee best in the original can, this is, after all, easy to open and close with the cover. However, it is recommended to consume your coffee, after opening, within a reasonable time frame (2 to 3 weeks).


To create our coffees, a lot of research has been performed.

BIOCO, after all, expresses the wish to achieve perfection, a tremendous contrast with the quality of industrial coffees.

Our superior quality is achieved by slow and fine roasting. This keeps the oils where they should be, in the bean itself, and the crema will remain much longer in your cup of coffee.