COFFEE SELECTION : BIOCO in collaboration with EFICO


The Coffee

Variety : Bourbon and Catuai

Cup Profile

Kachalù coffee is one of the best Rainforest Alliance certified coffees in the world. Very present in the mouth, fine flavor, mild, underlined by an acidulous taste.

  • Region : northeast of Medellín; communities of Oiba, Socorro,Confines, Puente Nacional, Barbosa,Guapota, Pinchotte, San Gril, Curiti y Valle de San José and Santander
  • Altitude : 1,350 - 1,750 meters
  • Coffee area : 1,200 ha, of which 850 ha utilized
  • Soil Type : Argillaceous
  • Type of shade trees : Very diversified - Anacos, Arrayan, Balso, Cedros, Guamo and so on
  • Rainfalls in mm/year : 1,750 - 2,300
  • Average annual temperature : 18-25°C
  • Production per crop : 8,500 bags
  • Crop period : from November to March

The Process

  • Picking method: manual
  • Washing method: the depulped cherries are fermented for 15 to 16 hours
  • Drying method: sun-dried on the patio
  • Screening and sorting method: manual

The Region - Social Commitment

Wages are in accordance with legal obligations, work conditions are dignified and there is respect for people without any discrimination. The ‘Sustainable Education for Development’ Kachalù coffee project in Santander (with support from the Efico Foundation) contributes to the improvement of the life standard and education.


Kachalù coffee has a double certification : Organic and Rainforest Alliance.

The Colombians put their coffee culture in the center of their lives, a pride supported by the whole region that benefits from the coffee quaility they strive for. This coffee is imprted in partnership withthe Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC), initiator of projets on the scene to improve the life standard of the coffee community.