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Artisan Roast Organic Arabica Coffee

Organic BIO COffee

is a coffee that grows without the use of synthetics or pesticides. The selected plantation has been given sufficient time to detoxify itself, without the use of genetically modified organisms. Also during the processing and packaging, chemicals aren’t used by no means. As a result, organic coffee is also good for our health. It doesn't contain any toxic residues of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Even more, there aren’t artificial flavourings or colourings or preservatives added. It has been proven that organic coffee preserves much better the full, round, pure taste that coffee naturally contains. As no chemicals are used at all during the production and processing of organic grown coffee, it’s much better for our environment.

Arabica coffee beans

grow in areas around the Equator at an average altitude of 1500 meters. The red berries with the green beans inside, grow on coffee trees that receive little oxygen at this height. As the coffee tree as well as it beans grow slowly, it develops its taste fully and the quantity of caffeine remains more limited than average. Arabica coffee beans are a bit more expensive than Robusta beans that are much richer in caffeine, but the quality is unbeatable. Arabicas provide a very fragrant, soft and round coffee or espresso. Depending on the origin, they have an aftertaste of caramel, chocolate or nuts. These often go hand in hand with surprising notes of red fruit or citrus. This supplemented with a pleasant touch of bitterness, a velvet taste or a slight acidity.

Artisan roast coffee

is in nothing comparable to industrial coffee. Where industrial roasters burn their coffee beans in less than 5 minutes at extreme temperatures in order to produce as much as possible coffee a day, the artisanal roaster chooses to keep the beans at least 15 minutes at a moderate temperature. By treating the beans with softness, avoiding very aggressive temperatures, the beans get the necessary time to express fully their coffee aromas. The post-treatment is also very important. After roasting, the coffee needs degassing while CO2 is emitted. Bioco gives the coffee beans at least 5 days to rest, they do this in special vessels.This way the Coffee beans get the necessary time to further develop optimally their taste and aromas.

Discover our unique

BIO-based Compostable Cups

(Nespresso ®* - System Compatible)

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BIO-based capsules

OK Compost Vinçotte

Oxygen-proof capsules

Organic arabica-coffee, artisan roasted

Exceptional flavours

OK compost (EN 13432)

A packaging or product with the OK compost label, is guaranteed degradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives. 

The only point of reference for the certification program is the harmonised standard EN 13432:2000, which means that each product with the OK compost logo meets in any case the requirements of the EU directive on packaging and packaging waste (94/62/EEC).


You can always contact your intermunicipal around the correct sorting of bioplastics.

Please note, don't just throw them on your compost heap in the garden, they are after all only industrially compostable.

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Our Story

We live in a society full of change, a society where we are increasingly aware of our health and the environment in which we live. Using healthy food is possible by avoiding products treated with pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Two birds with one stone, as next to the health aspect also the environment is saved... Perhaps it was, years ago, only a hot topic for the "green guys", today it is established more than ever. 

Which applies to food also applies to coffee. We don't want genetically modified products, residues from pesticides or other junk in our cup of coffee. An environmentally responsible coffee offers a perfect solution. After all, we aim products without fertilizers or pesticides used. It is a total concept whereby the earth is preserved. Both coffee plants and shade trees are judiciously placed, chopped wood and straw is used as a ground cover and weeding is done by hand and by machete. The coffee beans are then hand-picked and dried in the sun. Finally, the coffee husk is composted to use it again as natural fertilizer. 

That was the moment where the BIOCO story begins. It strikes us that, till today, no large selection of Organic coffees is avavailable on the Western European market. Where the offer of industrial organic coffee is already relatively limited, one finds very little artisan organic coffee.

With the creation of BIOCO the founders wish to change this. From their pursuit of perfection they have joined forces to offer you a range of exclusively organic coffees of outstanding quality. This means that they have chosen the best Organic Arabica beans and burn it the artisan way. A choice that you, as a enthusiastic enjoyer of coffee, will surely appreciate. 

In addition to this coffee story we are convinced it is extremely important to contribute to the fate of the coffee growers and their immediate environment. Therefore we have decided to join us at the "Efico Foundation". For each kilogram of coffee that we sell, a non-neglectable contribution is given to development projects in the countries from which we import coffee beans. We can only enjoy an excellent cup of coffee if we are convinced that the man at the origin of it will have a decent life. Click here for more information on the "Efico Foundation".


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Our Story

The entrepreneurs Dieter, Jo started, under the name Bioco, with an artisan coffee roasting company where organic Arabica coffee is roasted.

The choice for organic is a choice from our respect for the ecosystem and quality.

By choosing organic coffee we choose for a pure coffee bean free of chemical pesticides. In addition, the coffee berries are picked with care resulting in excellent quality!

Finally, we find it very important to contribute to the fate of the coffee growers and their immediate environment. For that reason we have joined the "Efico Foundation", for each kg sold coffee a non-neglegible contribution goes to development projects in the region.

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  • +32472262959 / +32471341432
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